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Our Senior High
Youth Ministry Program

What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ?
How do you become one?

Youth Ministry offers opportunities to search for answers.

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August 2013 Letter to teens and parents
Monthly Newsletter
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One Page Calendar of Events


Teen Time

Each meeting will be based on a theme and include prayer, food, social time and active learning on the theme.

Join us 1st Sundays of the month at St Mary’s, 2nd Sundays of the month at St Columba’s and 3rd Sundays of the month at St Vincent’s.  Though the meetings are at a specific church, feel free to attend any and all that you can—each will have a different topic. 

This year's overall theme is Communication (with God, peers and parents).

See calendar for more details


Video and Question of the Week

Stay tuned for a question about the video to go with our weekly teen time.

Respond here or on facebook or live at a meeting!

The Creed


Is there a difference between believing there is a God and believing in God?

Our Service Program

This year we have a number of ideas for service in the parish and community and our world.

Stay tuned for upcoming activities to support the sick and homeless which we will focus on in a special way this year.

We began by writing cards to the homebound of our parishes.  We will continue to support Patrick Place, a comfort care home as a ministry of St Columba's, St. Vincent's and St. Mary's parishes.We also have plans to work with the homeless in Rochester and even in Mongolia!

Check the service page to keep up with opportunities.

Youth In Action


Pastoral Associate for Youth Ministry and Liturgy: Colleen Trevisani

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Any emails I send to you, I will "cc" to mom, dad, or Irene Goodwin.

I will not call you or text you privately.