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NCYC Dates

NCYC - National Catholic Youth Conference
Indianapolis, Indiana

November 20-23, 2013


Check out the video about to get psyched! More information coming soon.

Where We'll Be - To be updated soon

The Official Website:
NCYC Website

The weather forecast: Indianapolis

Our Hotel:
Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel and Suites
8787 Keystone Crossing
Indianapolis, IN 46240
(317) 846-2700

The Arena:
Lucas Oil Stadium

The Convention Center:
Indiana Convention Center

Maps and Meals - To be updated soon

A map of downtown Indianapolis, a list of down town Indianapolis restaurants, and a map of their locations, here.

Our Evolving Meal Plan and Daily Schedule

Forms, etc - To be updated soon

General Information -

Four pages of general information including dates of monthly meetings and cost estimate.
(Cost estimate: $725 total)

Payment Policies -

Six pages of payment policy information, including final cost information, January Commitment, Medical Release Form, Cancellation of Trip Notification, and Scholarship Request.

Chaperones -

Chaperone information and commitment form

Fund Raising - To be updated soon

Thirteen pages of fund raising information, including policies for fund raising, bookkeeper responsibilities, advertising directions, money management information, youth email policy.
Worker Credit with Names
Payment Due Worksheet

Bookkeeper Sample -

Sample of record keeping done by bookkeeper

Covenants - To be updated soon

Parent/Pilgrim Agreement and Covenant Agreements
Due dates: Parent and one other important person in life: -----
Youth Ministry leader: -----

Schedules - To be updated soon

Tentative Meal Plan and Trip Schedule

Roommate Request Form - To be updated soon

Request your roommate from any parish

Scriptural References - To be updated soon

Teens and adults will be challenged to search for the glory of Christ, to connect with the glory of Christ, and to share the glory of Christ with others by being church to one another.

Youth In Action


Pastoral Associate for Youth Ministry and Liturgy: Colleen Trevisani

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Please know that I will follow contact rules like:

Any emails I send to you, I will "cc" to mom, dad, or Irene Goodwin.

I will not call you or text you privately.